Upgrading at the Farm: Part I

I wanted to give a quick update that we have upgraded our chicken packaging to provide our customers with a better product. We will have a limited supply of Fresh Chicken on the farm now!

We recently purchased a VacPak-It chamber vacuum sealer. This allows us to increase our processing efficiency as well as providing our customers with a product that will stay fresh longer. According to the manufacture, fresh poultry that is vacuum sealed will stay in the refrigerator 2-3 weeks as compared to 1 week without vacuum sealing.

Additionally, we are vacuum sealing our whole birds instead of shrink bags that we were using. Poultry in shrink bags has a freezer life of about 1 year. By vacuum sealing all of our poultry, the life in the freezer extends to 18 months!

Check out our current chicken offerings. See our Pre-Order Form to receive a discount off fresh and bulk orders!

-Jeremiah Deborde

Passel Hills Farm is a family owned farm located in Union Hall, Virginia on Smith Mountain Lake. Shifting careers from a fiber optic splicer to a farmer, this is our story of life on the farm and a few tales from years past as we have time to tell them.-

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