Why Guinea Hogs?

Guinea Hogs once were found on homesteads and farms across the American Southeast.  Known for their hardiness and foraging ability, they provided essential meat and lard to the small farmer.  Their mild temperament and efficiency at surviving on the roughest of environments makes them the BEST HOG FOR YOUR BACKYARD.

What do I need to raise a Guinea Hog?

Not much!  Food, water, shelter, and a pen.  Food: Guinea Hogs can thrive in the woods or on pasture. Table scraps can be provided to supplement their diet.
Water: Provide fresh water and a place for them to cool down when it’s hot.  Shelter: a small floorless 3 walled shelter is all that is required. Just enough room for your hog to get in from the elements.  Pen: The size of the hog pen can be tailored to your availability.  Guinea Hogs do well on electric fencing, netting or any other time of fencing.

Where can I find additional resources?

Passel Hills Farm is a proud member of the AGHA (American Guinea Hog Association).  They have a library of resources that we encourage you to explore.  Our team will be happy to answer any questions that you have and share lessons that we have learned on our way. 

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