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Passel Hills Farm Overview:

  • Broiler Chickens: 9 batches of 500 each, every 3 weeks. Processing begins in early June and runs through October.
  • Hogs: 5 sows that farrow twice a year along an additional 40 hogs.
  • Market Garden: We grow a 1.5 acre market garden. All our produce is grown herbicide-free, free of synthetic fertilizers, and harmful chemicals. We sell our produce to Polyface Inc. and also offer a local CSA and weekly subscriptions.

Apprenticeship Overview:

Apprentices must be willing to work hard doing manual labor in all kinds of weather and conditions. We expect our apprentices to work as hard as we do and to put in 40 hours a week on average. Apprentices will work along side Jeremiah and Megan or independently as the work dictates.

The work will include but not limited to:

  • Daily care of broilers, hogs, and hens
  • Handling of feed in 50lb sacks.
  • Operating tractor or mower
  • Daily moving of portable animals shelters or fencing
  • On farm poultry processing
  • Deliveries to local businesses
  • Harvesting, sorting, and packaging produce
  • Planting, weeding, and maintaining market garden


  • Ability to perform manual tasks in a timely manner
  • Cooperation with a team
  • Willingness to learn and ask questions
  • Individual integrity
  • Good physical health and drive to self-improvement

You will have many opportunities to learn and grow as we grow. Through this experience, you will gain an understanding of the daily wins and struggles of the operations on a small regenerative farm. We look forward to speaking with you about this opportunity.

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