Pasture Raised Pork

Free asian pork dish

Quality Pork comes from small breeds!​

All of our Hogs are pasture raised free of hormones and antibiotics.  The hogs roam across our pastures and woods.  Starting in February 2023, all hog feed will be locally sourced Non-GMO.

American Guinea Hogs (AGH)and the other Heritage Breeds that we raise are lard pigs.  They yield that delicious white gold.  The AGH is known for their well marbled meat and thick lard. Though smaller than other breeds, the meat is a high quality in its marbling and flavor. Kune kunes, though smaller than even AGHs, have a well marbled RED meat. The only known breed to have red pork.

 We currently have AGH and AGH/Kune Kune crosses available.

Typically 75% of the live weight ends up in your freezer. Please ask us about how easy it is to process these smaller hogs yourself.  We can recommend local processors as well.

Below is an example of how many pounds of each cut you will receive. Weight will vary by the choice of cuts and processing.

Live WeightBaconJowl BaconSoup BonesChopsHam, WholeHam, PiecesHam, SteakLiverLoin RoastSausageShoulder SteakHocksSpare RibsFat, RenderHead for BrothTotal
1/2 200lbs6.631.963.
*For Example purposes only. Approximate weight will vary.

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