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“Beyond Organic” Produce, Pasture Raised Chicken and Pork

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Now introducing our latest product, The Blackwater Bundle! Personalize a bundle from the selection of our latest offerings!

The Blackwater Bundle- Vacation Special offers our customers next day delivery around SML without the subscription.

Learn more or Order today! Click here to learn more about our convenient Pick-Up or Meet-Up Locations! The Blackwater Bundle provides you with a Convenient Farm to Table Option. Please allow 2 days for us to fulfill your first order. I.e. for Wednesday pickups order by Monday

Our Mission

Our Mission is to provide our community with the highest quality produce and meats while connecting our customers with the land that their food is grown on. Pastured Raised Chicken and Pork. Pesticide-free, herbicide-free, and transparently grown Produce.

Come Join Us on Our Journey

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  • Upgrading at the Farm: Part I

    Upgrading at the Farm: Part I

    I wanted to give a quick update that we have upgraded our chicken packaging to provide our customers with a better product. We will have a limited supply of Fresh Chicken on the farm now! We recently purchased a VacPak-It chamber vacuum sealer. This allows us to increase our processing efficiency as well as providing…

  • Lessons from a Fiber Splicer

    Lessons from a Fiber Splicer

    What does a fiber splicer do? “They do precision work with incorrect documentation in poor conditions” Essentially we splice fiber optic cable together. (Google it. It is cool) Pretty simple right? Well I won’t go into all the technical terms and lengthy explanations of the mechanisms behind fiber optics. Fiber Optic Cable is the backbone…

Hedge and pasture at Hendre

“We bought 2 piglets from Jeremiah. They turned out very tame and well behaved. Kune Kune mixes. Very tasty pork as well. I h’ve yet to smoke my bacon from them. Can’t wait!”


“The Yukon Gold potatoes were very creamy and delicious.”

Tin of Hugon's lard (tin - can)

“So much delicious lard!”

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