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Our mission is simple: to provide our amazing community with the highest quality produce and meats. We take pride in connecting our customers with the land where their food is grown. It's a true family effort, spanning multiple generations, to bring you healthy and sustainable food options. We specialize in pastured meats and eggs, as well as no-spray produce and vegetables. Come and experience the difference! 

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Featured Posts

July 5, 2024
Midway through the 2024 Summer CSA. Megan and Jeremiah share an update about how things have been going on the farm the last few weeks.
July 4, 2024
Today's consumers demand more customization in everything, including their food. They want the freedom to choose what goes into their weekly shares, tailoring it to their tastes and dietary needs. This shift in preference has led to the rise of flexible CSAs, where members can select and swap items in their boxes.