Premium Chicken Cuts Re-Stock July 6th.

Poultry Processing Services

PHF can process your poultry legally for resale in Virginia

How It Works

We Buy Your Live Birds

Using the Small Business Enterprise Poultry Exemption, we purchase your live poultry. We can process up to 20,000 a year.

We Process Your Poultry under 20,000 a year

We process the poultry according to your cut list and label them according to state regs. Wholes and Cut Ups only.

3 You Buy Back Your Processed Poultry

You can now resale the poultry within the State of Virginia as a distributor.

Poultry Processing: Additional Information

Using the Small Business Enterprise Poultry Exemption (under 20k), Passel Hills Farm is able to purchase live poultry that we did not raise ourselves from other farmers. We then process them according to our customer's cut list. Since we are operating under the SBE Exemption, we can only do wholes and cut ups, no Further Processing. Virginia Poultry Exemption Permit #: 25-1063. 

We will have a contract and a bill of sale of the transaction. The contract assures you and us that you will be purchasing the poultry back at a set price. The bill of sale proves we purchased the poultry. 

A cut list will be provided for you to fill out. We offer vacuum packaging as well as a shrink bags option for whole birds. 

Currently, we can schedule 100 Wholes or 75 Cut Ups a day. Call for scheduling and pricing.  540-910-0830

Below is an example of our labeling.