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Flexible CSA Shares

Investing in the Soil, Feeding the Community, One Share at a Time

How Flexible Shares Work

1 Purchase a Flexible Share

Purchase a flexible share based on our family size. Receive 10% extra farm credit.

2 Use the Credit

Browse through our ever growing selection of products. Add the products you like to your order.

3 Perks

Free Farm Tours, 25% off Educational Workshops, 10% off Meals with the Farmer, and more!

Join the Passel Hills Farm CSA Flexible Share

Support Local Farmers and Savor Fresh, Quality Produce

Welcome to the Passel Hills Farm CSA Flexible Share! By committing to fresh, local food, you're not just supporting our farm—you’re nurturing our community and sustainable agriculture. When you join our CSA, you become part of our farm's family, helping us grow and thrive while you enjoy the best farm-fresh produce. Ready to get started? Keep reading to learn more about our CSA Flexible Share and take action today.

What is a CSA?

CSA stands for Community Supported Agriculture. It's a mutually beneficial partnership between farmers and consumers, where members invest in the farm at the beginning of the growing season and receive a share of the harvest throughout the season. This model allows farmers to have financial stability while providing fresh, locally grown products to their community.

How Does Our CSA Flexible Share Work?

Our CSA Flexible Share works by allowing you to choose which products you want from our wide range of offerings. You can mix and match your selections. Plus, for every $250 you invest, we'll give you an extra $25 in credit to use towards your purchases. It's a win-win situation! 

Key Features and Benefits

More Value for Your Commitment

Purchase a $250 Flexible Share, and we'll add an extra 10%, giving you $275 worth of fresh, local products. That’s more delicious, healthy food for your table!

Support Local Agriculture and Community

Your membership helps our farm raise capital to buy products from other local farmers, expanding our offerings and supporting our entire agricultural community. Your funds stay local, benefiting families and ensuring sustainable farming practices.

Wide Variety of Products

Our Flexible Share can be used on any Passel Hills Farm product on our website, including chicken, bread, pork, veggies, beef, and more as we expand our offerings. Enjoy the diverse bounty of our farm and explore new favorites as we add more products from neighboring farms.

Flexible and Customizable

Unlike traditional CSA memberships, our Flexible Share adapts to your lifestyle. Build your subscription to suit your needs, pause it when you're away, and adjust your order anytime. No more worrying about missing a pick-up or being locked into a schedule.

Non-Expiring Value

Your share never expires. Whether you’re away for a few weeks or need to scale back, your investment remains safe and ready for you whenever you are.

Join Us Today

Become a part of the Passel Hills Farm family and show your commitment to sustainable, local agriculture. Purchase your CSA Flexible Share today and enjoy the benefits of fresh, wholesome food while supporting our community's farmers.

Exclusive Perks for Our CSA Members

Being part of the Passel Hills Farm family comes with some wonderful perks that go beyond just farm fresh products:

Free Farm Tours for the Entire Family

As a CSA member, you and your family are invited to join us for complimentary tours of the farm. Experience firsthand where your food is grown, meet the animals, and gain a deeper connection to the land. It’s a fantastic way to spend a day outdoors and learn about sustainable farming practices.

25% Off Educational Workshops

Interested in learning more about sustainable agriculture, gardening, or cooking with farm-fresh ingredients? Our CSA members enjoy a 25% discount on all our educational workshops. From hands-on gardening lessons to cooking demonstrations, these workshops are designed to enrich your knowledge and skills. 

10% Off Meals with the Farmers

There's something truly special about dining al fresco with the very people who grew your food. As a CSA member, you get 10% off our "Meals with the Farmers" events. Enjoy farm-to-table dinners prepared with fresh ingredients from Passel Hills Farm, and engage in conversations about sustainable farming and our community efforts.

And More!

We’re always looking for new ways to add value for our CSA members. Stay tuned for additional exclusive perks such as early access to special events, first pick of seasonal produce, and surprise bonuses throughout the year. Your membership means a lot to us, and we love showing our appreciation with these special benefits.