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Chicken Liver

Chicken Liver

3/4 lb package
$4.99 /lb.
Avg. 12 oz.

Presenting Passel Hills Farm Pastured Chicken Livers – a wholesome taste of the countryside, healthfully packed to grace your kitchen. These aren't just any chicken livers; they are the heartbeat of our commitment to sustainable, quality farming, carefully sourced from the birds that roam the lush green pastures of Passel Hills Farm.

Nestled in convenient, vacuum-sealed packaging, our chicken livers are a tribute to freshness and rustic convenience. With ease at your fingertips, open a pack and discover the versatility these tender morsels offer. Whether you're an aficionado of rich, creamy pâtés or you love a hearty stir-fry brimming with nutrients, these livers adapt to your culinary vision with seamless charm.

Each bite is more than just savory delight—it's a treasure trove of essential nutrients. Packed with iron and protein, these livers are a boon for anyone looking to enrich their diet without compromising taste. Imagine these nutrient-rich wonders boosting your health as they elevate your meals.

Passel Hills Farm operates not just as a farm, but as a family who prize ethical farming and community well-being above all. Delve into the sincere testimonials of those who have savored our chicken livers, and you'll hear the echoes of satisfied appetites and rejuvenated bodies. It's no surprise the tales of our livers' rich flavor and succulent texture are passed around dinner tables with the same warmth as our cherished community anecdotes.

Join us in a culinary adventure that thrives on authenticity and wellness. Add Passel Hills Farm Pastured Chicken Livers to your cart, and bring a piece of our pastoral haven into your home. Together, we'll celebrate food that's as honest and nourishing as the land it comes from.



Chicken Liver