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Bone Broth: Chicken

Bone Broth: Chicken

16 fl oz (473.18 ml) Frozen

In the heart of our small farm, we lovingly prepare Bone Broth: Chicken, a nourishing feast filled with the comfort of home-cooked flavors and the rich benefits of bones simmered for over 18 hours. Our commitment to ethical practices means every sip reflects respect for nature and dedication to your well-being. This broth isn't just food; it's a warm hug in a bowl, ready to support your health journey and bring a touch of joy to your meals. 🍲 Join us, and cherish the authentic taste of care and tradition with every comforting sip.

Cozy up to nourishment with a warm, homemade bowl of our Bone Broth: Chicken—the golden elixir of health, lovingly crafted from sustainably raised pastured chicken bones. Each sip brings the wholesome goodness and rich flavors that only come from bones. Slow simmered for over 18 hours, our broth is not just a meal; it's a sip of comfort and a tradition passed down with care.

Our dedicated process ensures every drop of broth is infused with maximum nutrients and collagen, the kind of protein that supports muscle health and gifts your immune system a natural boost. For all our health-conscious friends: Chicken Bone Broth is gluten-free and fits cozily within a paleo lifestyle. Providing all the benefits without compromising your dietary needs!

Stored in convenient vacuum-sealed bags, our broth stays fresh, making healing nourishment available any time you need it. Your well-being is our priority, and we ensure our broth not only feeds the body but also cares for your soul with its high protein content and essential amino acids that support gut health.

In our small town, eating right means enjoying the flavors while respecting the body's needs—and that's what we deliver with every bag of broth. Just like the good old days, our chickens roam free, ensuring ethical practices you can trust and flavors as true as nature itself.

Breathe life into your meals with the heartiness only real, clean ingredients. Whether you're on the mend from a long day or seeking a steady hand to hold through your health journey, our Chicken Bone Broth is the loving hug your body deserves.

Join our community and experience the simple joy of savoring life's flavors—one heartfelt meal at a time. 🍲



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