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Breakfast Bundle

Breakfast Bundle


Welcome the sunrise with our PHF Breakfast Bundle, a heartwarming collection from our farm to your table. This bundle brings together a dozen fresh eggs, a pound of our savory pork sausage, and a vibrant selection of greens—all sustainably sourced with care and commitment to quality. It’s more than breakfast; it's a taste of our community's values and the rich, simple joys of small-town life. Each ingredient tells a story of ethical farming and the heartfelt dedication behind our produce. Start your day enveloped in the warmth and authenticity of Passel Hills Farm, where every meal is an opportunity to celebrate connection and savor the goodness of the land.

Step into a morning at Passel Hills Farm with our specially curated PHF Breakfast Bundle, where each breakfast is more than just a meal—it's a celebration of the bounty that our land has graciously provided. Picture this: a dozen eggs, their yolks as sunny as the dawn that breaks over our hills; a pound of pork sausage, seasoned to perfection, embodying the care and ethical farming practices we stand behind; and a selection of greens, crisp and refreshing, a true testament to the sustainable methods that nurture our soil. This bundle isn't just about the high-quality, sustainably sourced produce that fills your plate; it's about starting your day grounded in the values we cherish—a commitment to quality, community, and the kind of authenticity that can only be felt in the warmth of a small-town morning. The PHF Breakfast Bundle invites you to bring the heart of our farm into your home, turning every breakfast into an opportunity to savor the simple joys and genuine connections that make life truly rich.



1 dozen Pastured Eggs, 1 pound Pastured Pork Sausage, and selection of crisp fresh greens.